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Vau de Ville

Vau de Ville is a restaurant located in the heart of Stockholm which serves various types of dishes, both classic and modern fusion cuisine. The first thing that attracted us to visiting Vau de Ville was the impeccable location as well as the classy appearance of the restaurant. The restaurant itself is covered in windows which allows its customers to have a beautiful view overviewing Stockholms finest areas. Vau de Ville provides a traditional lunch and dinner but also hosts exciting events throughout the year. As soon as we walked into the restaurant, the service was great. The waiters were friendly and kind.
We decided to order the Rawbar Plateau which consists of sashimi, a five-piece tempura prawn roll, a five-piece spicy tuna roll, negimaki, tuna tartar, a Korean raw-beef taco, gari, and wasabi. When we got this dish, we were shocked. The presentation was amazing and the food looked delicious. Each element of the dish was so tasty that we ended up finishing the entire thing. We …

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