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Grand Hotel

My family and I attended have had breakfast at Grand Hotel multiple times. Each time, we have had an amazing experience that no other restaurant could ever replicate. Although we usually order a quite simple breakfast, it ends up being delicious every time. The most recent time I had breakfast at Grand Hotel we ordered a selection of foods: Grand Breakfast (375kr), American Pancakes (175kr), x2 Scrambled Eggs (2 x 200kr), x2 Seasonal Fruit and Berries (2 x 175kr), x3 Cappuccinos (Price unknown).

The seating at Grand Hotel's breakfast has a stunning view of central Stockholm overlooking the water. From the moment you enter the hotel, you are instantly captivated by the gorgeous architecture and decorations. The staff is attentive, friendly, and very helpful. The scrambled eggs, although a very basic breakfast, was delicious and the bacon, potatoes, and tomatoes on the side were a perfect addition to the dish. The Grand Breakfast included eggs and a bread basket containing different…

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